to get?

How to get?

Rincón del Socorro

1- We recommend you taking a scheduled flight to the airports of Corrientes, Resistencia, Posadas or Iguazú.
2- From these places, our 4x4 trucks will be able to wait for you to take you to the hotel.
3- By bus to Mercedes Bus Station, a city located just 83 km from our accommodations, and then hire your own private transfer to the hotel. (You can buy your bus ticket with us)
4- By private flight, from any of the aforementioned airports, landing on the runway a few meters from the main house in Rincón del Socorro.
5- In a private or rented vehicle, it is a very good option, with allows you to better organize your times both in the arrival and in the departure of our destination. Below you will find our location.

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Distance Km
Buenos Aires 784 Km
Iguazú 529 Km
Corrientes 330 Km
Posadas 240 Km
Mercedes 83 Km
Carlos Pellegrini 38 Km

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