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Ibera, Corrientes Province, Argentina

A place where history is made...

In 2001 The Conservation Land Trust (CLT), created by conservation philanthropist Douglas Tompkins, acquired the property the Rincon del Socorro to create a 74,130-acre nature reserve.

With the acquisition of Socorro and other fields within Ibera, CLT’s objectives were both simple and ambitious: to create Argentina’s largest nature park, restore locally extirpated wildlife species, and promote an economy based on ecotourism. In order to accomplish this, Tompkins and his team restored and expanded the historic buildings of the ranch, excluded all cattle from the reserve, removed hundreds of miles of fencing, and initiated the largest rewilding program in the Americas. Already giant anteaters, pampas deer, tapirs, and collared peccaries have been released.

To date, CLT has reached an agreement with the governments of Corrientes and Argentina to incorporate 36,000 acres of Socorro into the future Ibera National Park and include the remaining areas within a National Reserve.

Socorro’ lodge is completely managed by CLT, and all the income generated from its activities is invested directly in Ibera’ conservation and restoration efforts.


Hosteria Rincon del Socorro

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